Book your game for Team Pink (Bosom Buddies) or Team Red (red nose)!


Get your team of 7 together and select any game slot currently available which best matches your team's skills and age-group. Your team will be part of our official Guinness World Records attempt too!

We will have three courts available:


  • Court 3: Juniors and NetSetGo (Kinder to Grade 6) teams, including family, parents and friends  


  • Court 4: Grade 7 to Adult teams, including any family, parents and friends or workplace teams


  • Court 5: Seniors from Grade 10 teams, including any family, parents and friends, or workplace teams.



The cost to play one quarter is just $35 per time-slot (which is $5 a player) with the entire amount going directly to Bosom Buddies and ned nose. You can make an additional donation at the same time too.

If there is not a slot available at the time you want, please contact TNA Turns Pink and we will be in touch to organise the rest.


If you have any other questions, please email via the following link: Send Mail



Booking links

To book your time-slot, select the relevant links above to the Eventbrite booking website. This will allow you to buy your slot by purchasing tickets for your team.