Being an Umpire

Getting Started

 Congratulations on taking the first step.


 If you have a team to umpire this season, the next step is to pick up a whistle and attend an introduction to umpiring course. This is a great session recommended for all beginners, those who wish to refresh their skills and those who wish to update on the practical aspects of umpiring.


Next, get a hold of an “Official Rules Book” and sit the Section 1 Theory Exam. It is recommended that you also know the NetSetGo Modified Rules if you are thinking about umpiring a team in the modified competition on Saturday mornings (for 8-10 year olds).

 If you would like to umpire a competitive grade of netball on Saturdays and would like to join the roster, please contact the TNA Office

TNA also invites umpires to become involved in the junior and senior representative programs which offer the opportunity for experience at carnivals, selection trials and match play.



It isn't necessary to gain any accreditation in order to umpire - but it is a good way to demonstrate your ability and mark your progress as an umpire.

Umpire accreditation is administered by Netball Australia through the  Netball Umpire Development Framework, a copy of the guide can be accessed through Netball Australia or by <clicking here>

The following table shows the pre-requisites for each level of accreditation

Section I Theory

This is the best place to start to test your rules knowledge.  It is an online exam which you can sit at any time.  There is no cost and if you don't achieve the required pass you can sit it again.  Remember to print off your certificate if you do pass. 

The following link will direct you to the Netball Australia website to log-in and take the theory exam:  The course is available from the following link: 
Netball Australia's theory exam

Level 1 Course
The Level 1 Course is also available online.  This course is a pre-requisite for attaining a National C badge.   The course is an introductory course aimed at umpires seeking to develop their umpiring and achieve accreditation.  The following link will direct you to the Netball Australia website to log-in and commence the level 1 course

If you have any trouble logging in, please read the instructions available here

Practical Test
The final step in gaining accreditation is a practical test.  For National 'C' badge testing this is undertaken on a game in the NCNC Winter Competition on Seniors Division 1 or 2.  You will need to be umpiring regularly at this level and meet the relevant Key Performance Indicators to be considered.

Key Performance Indicators
There are KPIs for each badge level within the development framework.  You will need to meet these requirements to be awarded the relevant badge.
National 'C' Badge (
National 'B' Badge (
National 'A' Badge (
National 'AA' Badge (

If you would like to be considered for a National 'C' badge please let your club umpire convenor know.  Our umpire development team will then assess how you are going and let you know what you will need to do. Completion of the above pre-requisites is a great first step!


Useful Resources

 Tuggeranong Netball Association encourages all umpires of all age groups and competition grades to sit the Section 1 theory exam.  The exam tests the basic rules of the game and is accessible all year round with unlimited attempts. The online exam provides instant results and a printable certificate. With a pass mark of 70% or above, participants will have a printable certificate. To access the Section 1 Theory Examination <click here>

Official Rule Book 2016
The Rule Book incorporates the playing Rules of the International Federation of Netball Associations.  A copy of the Rule Book is available to purchase from 
Netball ACT (phone 6241 4088). This resource is also available to purchase from the Netball Australia Online Shop.

National Umpire Development Framework
This is a comprehensive guide to umpire accreditation and umpire development within Australia and includes details of the structure of Netball Australia’s Umpire Committees and Panels. It contains all the information you need to gain an umpires badge for netball, from club level right up to national level.
National Umpire Development Framework (NUDF)

Community Umpire Toolkit
This is a Netball Australia initiative that is giving every netball community fun, interactive umpire educational sessions.
 The Community Umpire Toolkit has been developed with the umpire educator in mind (umpire coaches and umpire convenors) and provides nationally developed, contemporary resources aimed at supporting and complementing existing introductory or beginner umpiring programs and initiatives. To find out more information about the Toolkit, find all the worksheets and fun games.