TNA Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The TNA Strategic Plan found here has been developed to steer the Association by seeking to embed long term commitment to goals of the Association.
This plan communicates our association's combined Short, Medium and Long term goals.
By each consecutive executive adopting the plan, we can assess the plans and value contributed for each year.
This business process will be maintained by writing the requirement to update the plan with each new executive following the AGM into the business plan. 

The Associations enduring goals are:

Goal 1: Expand and maintain the association membership to 2500 members

Goal 2: Strong financial management will be applied to reduce impost on members and provide a strong foundation for the long term viability of the association

Goal 3: Provide a quality competition for all members, both competitively and socially

Goal 4: Representative Teams are to be the dominant teams in all competitions

Goal 5: There will be development pathways for players, umpiring, and coaching development

Goal 6: Facilities provided for members will be equal to or the best in the region

Goal 7: The association will be as administratively efficient as practicable