Key events for 2018

The following outlines the key events for TNA’s Participation Netball Competition

March 2018 – April 2018 Undertake training for all new members at the TNA courts.

  • This will provide understanding of key elements of the rules for new players to the competition.

  • Ensures all families and support workers are aware of driving times, facilities, and location

  • Allows TNA to test facilities and infrastructure

  • Allows TNA to make reasonable adjustment to rules

  • Allows TNA to codify rules adjusted for participation

  • Provides opportunities for TNA to train umpires for adjusted rule adjudication.

  • Formal enrolment of players undertaken

  • Establishment of clubs with club administration support provided

  • Engagement through NDIS to support families with participation.


May 19 to mid-September 2018

Commence competition, with break for public and school holidays

Normal winter season goes from April to September.

If sufficient interest, there is summer competition is held from October to December each year for further participation.