TNA - 2018 Healthy Living campaign.

Tuggeranong Netball Association, Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:33PM

TNA - 2018 Healthy Living campaign. 


Today TNA are proud to announce the launch of the TNA - 2018 Healthy Living campaign. 


This initiative brings to all of our members - that’s everyone, not just the Netty players -  some great initiatives to help us all lead healthier lives. 


I commend this, because I know we love to support our children to be healthy, but we can't afford to forget ourselves. 


We are working with our wonderful sponsors, Fernwood Tuggeranong and Telstra Store Tuggeranong, and other providers to deliver this opportunity to you all. It involves heaps of free or low-cost opportunities, and really promotes a positive healthy lifestyle. 


So, look out in the coming weeks the following exciting events;


  • Facilitated and personalised exercise @ TNA for everyone


  • Healthy Eating for families and players


  • Mum and daughter open day @Fernwood


  • Cybersafety from Telstra specialists for all children


  • Healthy relationships for girls


  • Social netball competitions for everyone - Start getting your teams together - Parents and child teams; mixed social; mixed competitive social; social comps.


So keep your eyes out for these fantastic opportunities to make 2018 a healthy year! 


Last updated: Sunday June 17, 2018 9:37PM
Author: Jonathan Toze