TNA State League Tier One Squad Announced

Tuggeranong Netball Association, Mon Feb 5, 2018 9:23PM

TNA State League Tier One Squad Announced


TNA are pleased to announce the following athletes who have been selected into the 2018 tier 1 state league squad. 


Teams will be selected from this squad shortly following further training session. The first training session commences on Wednesday night, 6-30-830, Chisholm High School. 108 Hambidge Crs, Chisholm.  Entry to the Gymnasium is via Norriss street. 

Congratulations to all athletes.

Alex Immonen
Sophie Immonen
Georgia James-Dixon
Abbey Jameson
Laura Kalsbeek 
Caitlin Keen
Raven Leatherby-Ford
Estelle Margetts 
Kristy Martin
Shannon McAlister
Kirby Medhurst
Mikaley Phokos
Josipa Pivac
Keely Rodrigo
Ashley Scensor
Marley Simmons
Sophie Stines 
Carly Symons
Breanna Toze
Rebekah Aguilar
Jordan Bardsley 
Amber Brophy 
Amy Brown
Grace Buckmaster
Emma Bumpus
Renee Carter
Taylah Chancellor
Reeghan De Bono
Sara Driver
Jasmine Fraser
Grace Gibson 
Ruby Gooden
Bryan Gafa
Caitlin Hall
Holly Hancox 


Unsuccessful athletes have been advised by email.


Last updated: Monday February 5, 2018 9:33PM
Author: Jonathan Toze